Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the community and empower adolescents with support, tools and skills necessary to enhancing their mental health.


Synagogue Open


Evan Markowitz took part in an open panel to discuss depression and anxiety. Click the link below to watch the panel in its entirety.

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A note from our founder:

I suffered from severe depression and anxiety for 6 years, and as I worked to get better I kept telling myself that if I was able to push through it all then I would start my own nonprofit to help others, and also give speeches to youth to tell my story and raise awareness about mental health. So far, I’ve been blessed to accomplish both. In the past we’ve held events and fundraisers for many different causes, but now that we focus on specifically mental health we are working on speeches to give to youth, as well as bigger events that help communities as a whole become more educated about mental health. If I could pick one specific goal for Open Hearts, it would be to reach as many people as we can to stress the importance of mental health, and to work together as a community to end the stigma that comes with mental health.